Going Green

greenleaf logos“Every Little Bit Helps”

 T & T Bed and Breakfast opened in 2008 and since then, we have been on a drive to ensure that we become environmentally friendly.  This is a passion shared by the management, staff and family members of T & T Bed and Breakfast.

Our mission statement for our “Greening Project” is “Every Little Bit Helps”.  Many people look at doing the big things like installing expensive equipment when in fact, there is so much that can be done to save the environment by doing small things that have a big impact.  Basically, a life style change is required. On-going education is required not only for the management and staff but also for our guests.  Passion and enthusiasm can be contagious and is shared with our guests whenever possible.  From explaining our recycling initiative, to cooking our guests meals using produce out of our vegetable garden.  We will continue our drive to do our little bit for the environment and hope that our commitment translates into other Bed and Breakfasts and our guest contributing and doing their little bit.  Recycling Management Each and every person at home and at work can recycle and cut down on the amount of waste produced.  At T & T Bed and Breakfast we took this a step further by creating our own recycling plant in order to educate our guests and make everyone’s life easier.  Individual bins are placed outside and there are holes inside the kitchen that have flaps clearly marking what is to be placed where.  Before this initiative was started, we were putting out on average 4 black municipal bags of waste per week. This has decreased to half a bag.  The balance is recycled by paper/plastic been put into orange bags which are collected with the municipal refuse.  The glass and cans/ tins are taken to the recycling collection point at the Westville Civic Center.  All the organic waste is either given to the worm farm or the compost heap.  Dirt bins in our guest’s rooms are cleared daily and the contents divided into these categories. Our recycling plant has created much interest to our guests. recycling3   Cleaning Materials The move was made to use only environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products. As we buy our cleaning products in 5 litre containers and dilute into spray bottles, this cuts down the amount of containers to be thrown away substantially.  As these products are environmentally friendly, there are no harmful chemicals being disposed of either.  This includes the washing powder used in the washing machine.  Although we have a tumble dryer, this is only used in emergency situations.  We prefer to hang the wet washing in the garage on lines to dry during periods of inclement weather. Energy Saving In November 2011, in conjunction with Eskom, all the 50watt down lights were changed to 5watt LED lights.  There was an immediate drop in consumption.  Along with this project, Eskom assisted with the changing of the showerheads to energy efficient water saving shower heads.  The water consumption in the showers dropped from about 10 litres per minute to below 5 litres per minute.  Water restrictors have been installed onto all basins and the kitchen sink in order to reduce the water flow and therefore saving not only water but also electricity.  With regards to electricity saving, all the external lights have been placed onto day / night sensors and 11 w energy efficient globes are used. The pool pump is on a timer and comes on during the night when electricity consumption is at its lowest.  All the rooms have been labelled requesting our guests to turn off appliances when not in use.


Purchasing With regards to our purchasing, we strive to use local organic products.  Our Tea and Coffee is certified organic and our supply is situated approximately 1 kilometre from our premises.  Our fruit juice is delivered every Friday in plastic containers.  Once again our supplier is located less than 2 kilometres from our premises.  The plastic bottles are returned to the supplier for reuse.  The groceries required for the daily running of the business are purchased from the local Westwood Mall which is situated approximately 5 kilometres from our premises.  The product use in the swimming pool is environmentally friendly, does not contain copper and is safe for children and pregnant women.  The product is added to the pool once a month and the 2 small (+250 ml) plastic bottles are disposed of in the plastic recycling.  Once again, the product is environmentally friendly and disposing of the container does not impact on the environment.  As we have chosen to use local suppliers, our carbon footprint has been dramatically cut. Fruit & Veggie Garden  The vegetable garden was introduced alongside the compost heap.  The old vegetation in the garden is put into the compost heap and when ready this is worked into the soil in the vegetable garden.  The vegetables grown are used in the B & B.  There are also banana trees which provide fruit for breakfast and are used to make dessert for dinners.  Pots containing herbs and strawberries are grown on the patio and this not only adds to the fresh produced generated at T & T but also adds greenery and life to the patio area.  No chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used and instead we use “Worm Tea”, which is generated from the organic refuse added into the worm farm.  This natural fertiliser and pesticide is generated on site from waste created from the kitchen.  The compost is worked into the soil prior to new crops being planted.  By implementing this process, our guests can eat vegetables straight from the garden without having to worry about poisoning or any harmful effects from pesticides.

VEG GARDEN The garden at T & T Bed and Breakfast is indigenous and consists mainly of large grassed areas with succulent plants on the boundary.  This garden requires only the water from when it rains and always looks lush and green. Ventilation  There are air conditioners installed into all the bedrooms but we do encourage our guests to open the windows and sliding doors to air the rooms.  As standard operating procedure, each and every morning, all windows and doors are opened to air the rooms and either warm up (in winter) and cool down (in summer) the bedrooms.

"Welcome Home" : We try our best to make your stay feel better than home.